tomtom go 6200 -why the sales have stopped?

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Why have tomtom stopped selling my tomtom 6200 which came with lifetime maps and camera updates?
I think it was their best product.


  • fergussion
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    Yes, check other retail websites. They still sell them.
  • b4u2
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    Which websites?
    Please send link to exact product.
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    I had this product and it just disapeared from my device and acount as well. Trying to connect my device to my account my device is saying "we are haveing trouble" ........ and the only way to get it back is by a hard rest and this also only through the computer (not by restting the device) and useing a other account i can get back trafic but not updates on the maps very disappointed i used to love it but now .....
  • vanjack
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    is the 620 the same as the 6200?
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    Hi @vanjack

    The GO 620 is similar but it does not have the inbuilt Mobile Sim that the GO6200 has so you have to connect it via Bluetooth to a smartphone for Traffic etc.