Mapshare - Bicycle ways are shown as full streets in Sala/Sweden. Hopefully not all over Sweden?

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I just updated the map and now see a whole list of serious and worrisome errors in the nearby residential area here in Sala, Sweden. All walk/bicycle routes are shown as normal streets. Of course these cannot or must not be passed by a car. What makes this truely serious: We have lots of bicycle ways here in Sweden! I beieve this error was not there before the last update.
I started to report one after the other in the area around my home, but there are simply too many such errors (example: 2a04e3c5-3287-427a-9297-113e90198529)

I recommend to check with Google maps, Google Earth or Openstreetmap - these are bacially all showing correctly which streets are walkway/ bicycle streets only and which streets are open for motorized traffic/cars. The amount of errors makes it impossible to make photos.

I pray, that Tomtom does not have this problem all over Sweden, since then Tomtom would be in serious trouble....

I also removed (again) some strange points of interests in the same area, showing restaurants in a residential area, where there is nothing else other than houses wth gardens (no restaurants, no imbiss, no bar, no shops,....).

The supermarket Willys also moved to a new built nearby location years ago.