No flexibility in My Route mode navigation

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Hi. When I create a route on my computer and synch with the GPS, during the ride, it will keep trying to get me to the starting point or “nearest point” if I don’t actually start there, even though I’m halfway through the route. It doesn’t recalculate even though I’ll be on the route towards the destination. Let’s say I select my home as the starting point. But I leave home without starting the navigation, go get gas, etc. Then I start the route but I’m a mile from home. It will keep saying “turn around when possible”, trying to get me to the programmed starting point, even if I’m on the exact route heading towards the destination. It will do that until I’m closer to the destination than the starting point. This lack of flexibility is quite annoying. This only happens when using “My route”. So I cancel the route and manually type the address in the device. Is there any way around that?


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    Hi @Machfather

    I have just created a route and synced it from MyDrive to my GO5200. I then drove to a road running parallel to the route and within 10 yards of it so similar to being in your garage that was about half way along the Saved Route. I then turned on the TT unit and selected the Route from MyRoutes. I Tapped Drive then Tapped Nearest point and the TT unit immediately directed me onto the route and from that point to the destination.

    I suggest that you try a Soft Reset ie With the unit already On Press and hold in the On/Off button for 20 seconds + until you hear the drumroll sound. If that does not resolve it then try a Reset Device from Settings/System.

    Regarding your last comment you don’t need to type in the address again just go to Recent Destinations and Tap the relevant entry.