iPhone connection issue with rider 550

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As with a lot of discussion on here, I am unable to connect my rider 550 to my iPhone and use all the functions? Is this a problem that will be resolved or will I have to give up and by a Garmin? any help would be great. have tried just about everything I think?


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    tomtom has a history of pairing problems with devices with ios 13 version
    pairing without mydive app helps
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    Hi there @mattyboy500 -

    First of all, go to your iPhone settings, then make sure
    1. WiFi is Off.
    2. Bluetooth is On.
    3. Mobile Data slider switch is to the right and showing a green colour (On).
    4. Turn on Personal Hotspot and within the settings, slide “Allow others to Join” to the right which then turns green, then in the popup that follows choose “Bluetooth and USB Only” and NOT “Turn on WiFi”
    Essentially, using the “Bluetooth and USB Only” pairing hotspot in your iPhone settings allows for a single stable connection and has less of a drain on your iPhone’s battery and no overheating issues compared to the WiFi hotspot setting.

    1. - Delete the MyDrive app on your iPhone
    2. - Delete old Bluetooth pairings of the Rider on your iPhone
    3. - Connect the Rider to your iPhone via Bluetooth over the standard way (press the “No” request to download and use the MyDrive app to set up the Bluetooth connection)
    4. - DO NOT pair your Rider via the MyDrive app if you later decide to install
    5. - In your Rider settings, “forget” the current WiFi connection as this will only be required for downloads and likely to take priority over the Bluetooth connection.
    6. - Within the Rider Bluetooth menu settings for the connected iPhone, I have Data for Traffic & other services turned on but NOT for Smartphone messages or See who is calling and if your headset allows it, High quality (A2DP).
    7. - You are still able to install and use the MyDrive app (signed into your account) afterwards and use it for sending destinations/routing but importantly - don’t pair your Rider within the MyDrive app.

    The problem lies within the MyDrive app (pairing through the app).

    Apple introduced new Bluetooth security permissions from iOS 13 and TomTom had tried to modify the MyDrive app to make the two separate Bluetooth connections work effectively for traffic data and calls/texts but currently remains unresolved.

    I am using my Rider 500, (Sena 5s communication system and iPhone 12 Pro Max paired directly for music/calls) this way successfully and no loss of traffic connection.
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    Dear All,

    I just bought a rider 550 and it's a pity I didn't see all those discussions before buying it. My iphone is paired with the rider, but it's a complete mess when it's about receiving the message and the calls. I use the bluetooth hotspot for the traffic and sometimes it works with the mydrive and sometimes not, so I have to reinstall everything again.
    Do you have other tricks and tips ? I can't believe this is happening with such costly product, or may be I just don't get it.
    Many thanks for your help
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    Hi there @decockla -

    My posting above pretty much explains the current situation regarding pairing an iPhone using IOS 13+ and the text/call issue on the Rider. If you follow the above recommendation, you shouldn’t need to do any reinstalling. Hope this helps.