Common trait in reporting things wrong with Tomtom

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Why is it that you get no reply to any question that doesn’t look favourably on TomTom?
Not just my own questions but looking through the forum its a common theme, looks like it doesn’t matter that users post feedback that will improve things for ALL users if TomTom or their moderators don’t like it they won’t reply, terrible way to treat customers who have spent hundreds of pounds on your products.
I was warned by ex Tomtom truck users not to buy the newer models because they had taken backward steps, Tomtom used to be miles ahead of their competitors, not only have most of them caught up with Tomtom but it seems a fair few have over taken them, now i wish i had of listened.

Constantly people post questions or ways to improve the service and all the moderators do is direct the person to….contact this department or contact that department, if someone takes the time to write feedback or post a question and a moderator see’s and replies the least they could do is pass it on to the relevant department.

Shame on you TOMTOM