Start 62 upgrade issues

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Attempted to upgrade map then message appeared to say map corrupted. Will not allow me to delete corrupted version and install smaller map as recommended. Series of error messages: server busy try later/upload logs/check settings/no internet!
Another attempt stated not enough memory so bought a recommended card but that is not recognised either.
Several different options appear on the Connect screen including an delete option to move maps from one side to the other, but this does not always appear
Have performed resets but still no joy-is there a simple way of deleting this corrupted map and installing the new, smaller version?


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    Step 1: Remove the map from your device from My Drive Connect
    On My Drive Connect, go to "My Content"
    In "My Maps", click on the photo of the map installed on your device
    A banner unfolds, on the right click on "uninstall"

    Step 2: Disconnect and reset your TomTom
    Disconnect your TomTom from the computer
    Press and hold the on/off button, the device will restart and you will hear drum sounds
    Release when the drums sound
    (the procedure takes about 30 seconds)

    Step 3: Empty the My Drive Connect download folder
    Right-click the My Drive Connect icon in the Windows notification area, then click > Settings.
    Select the Downloads tab
    Empty the download folder
    Click Save Settings

    Step 4: Install the map on your TomTom
    Connect your device
    Go to "My Content"
    Under the "My Cards" section,
    You will find the European cartography
    Click on the button: "Install"

    The download should resume from the beginning and the map should install
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    Hi, thank you for this detailed response, however its not working!
    It seems as though I have a different version of software
    When I turn the device on I can only access anything by selecting the map update
    I then do not get an option to uninstall the map, only to install the new one (which does not work because I then get a message saying not enough space and to install a smaller version) only to uninstall the charging station info and there is a green message banner telling me to remove content-presumably because the drive is full
    When I attempt to delete the charging station there is a message saying getting ready which then turns into "our servers are very busy" or update failed
    Any other ideas?

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    Important Catch22... If your Start 62 is an 8 GB Device....
    The early Maps fitted easily onto 8 GB on-board Memory, but the Map sizes increases with every update....
    The Map size now exceeds the 8 GB on-board Memory size on the NAV4 devices, this is an unfortunate, but real Catch22 situation....
    The latest NAV4 Full Europe Map size is now around 9 GB
    See Catch22...

    Note... A Class 10 Micro SDHC 16GB or 32GB (Max size for a Tomtom device)
    Have you formatted the Micro SDHC Memory card using the Tomtom proprietary format for Maps...?
    ON your PC... 1st format the Card FAT32...
    Next insert the memory Card the device... The device should sense the new card and offer to format the card using the Tomtom proprietary format...
    Choose the Format option for Maps....

    Stay Safe... ATB YFM
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    Hi again, have formatted the card but its still not recognised by the device, so cannot get any further, the card does operate so not faulty