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I got an email from tomtom this morning saying there was a map update for my tomtom go expert. I have it connected to wifi and its showing my maps as up to date. I only have part of the European map installed (UK and Ireland). It's the only areas I require for my use. I know its been a few weeks since the device has been updated even though I connect it to the house wifi at least once a week.

I have tried to check and confirm my map version but it just says "WORLD." Is there something more I need to do, or a certain time of the day map updates are released? Any help appreciated.


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    Hi @Pagey

    When you say you had an email saying there was a Map Update for you GO Expert does the email specifically state the GO Expert or does it say the update includes Truck Maps. If the later I think the email is referring to the new map version 10.90 which was released on Tuesday this week and as far as the Truck map is concerned this only relates to the older models and not the current versions like the GO Expert which use a different Map format.

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    "Your map update is ready
    Roads change all the time, our maps do too. Your map has been updated and is now available to download onto your sat nav.
    This update includes: removal of expired speed camera alerts and locations from your maps and navigation guidance."

    Thanks for the response. Above is what the email says so your comment makes sense.

    When I had the 6250, the speed camera updates were more frequent. The expert doesn't seem to update as frequent. It is what it is.