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Hello All.

I am using TomTom Go Premium X for some time and in most cases it works fine, however sometimes speed limits are not displayed correctly,
but I think that could be corrected by submitting map change from device itself.

Here's a list of features that could make our journey safer:

1. Speed limit change (increasing or decreasing), for example we are driving between cities 90 km/h and we are approaching small town where limit is 50 km/h, so information appears that in for example in 500 m there will be a speed limit change, so we would know that we should slow down a little bit.
And it should work in both ways - when speed limit is increased or decreased.

2. Some additional alerts like school zones, sharp curves, wrong way on one-way street etc.

3. In the latest Discover device there is no hands-free calling, so it would be nice it have it again, but I can personally live without it.

4. Slot for a SIM card as current devices do not have build-in SIM card for traffic and so on, so maybe it would be possible to have just a slot for such SIM card
and for example if I have a mobile router with a SIM card I would be able to take that card out and put it into navigation device - in that case I would have only one device will all functionality and no mobile phone / router would be needed for traffic information similar to what we have in Premium / Premium X devices.

Please let me know your thoughts and maybe there are some other improvements we would like to see in future products.

Best Regards.


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    add my vote for sharp curves and hands free
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    Tomtom don't care what customers want!