Bought New TomTom Rider 550 - Bluetooth Nightmare

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Hi all,

Simply cannot get the phone to connect calls and messages to the TomTom. Currently running iOS 15.4.1

Antone know of any fixes so I don't have to keep resetting the device and phone, and pulling hair out?


  • DougLap
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    Hi @BikerEdz

    Apple introduced a security change with IOS13 and later which results in pairing involving MyDrive App not work.

    Try following which works on the car based units. Delete current pairings from Phone and TT unit and turn both off and on.

    Now go to IPhones Settings/Personal Hotspot and turn the P Hotspot On. Note that at no time during this will you be asked for PH password nor will it appear as connected to your TT devices Wifi.

    Now go to IPhones settings/Bluetooth page and turn Bluetooth on. Now Tap Add phone on TT units Bluetooth page and complete the pairings requested.

    Now whenever you use the TT unit ensure you have both Personal Hotspot and Bluetooth On in your IPhones Settings.

    You should now stay connected to your TT unit and find the Handsfree phone function also works. The messaging Option will not work as the inclusion of the MyDrive App in the pairing routine was to facilitate messaging but the Apple security change has stopped that facility working.

  • BikerEdz
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    Hi Doug!

    Thanks for this. I'll give that a go and hope that one day Apple realise people also use non- Apple products!

    All the best,