Find a town or postcode in UK

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i cannot find a town or postcode in UK. Am i missing something. I definately have UK maps loaded as some random towns can be found. I am searching for pooley bridge (which other apps find) it finds dan dooley (whatever that or he is). Carlisle finds every UK street or road that has Carlisle in the name but not the city and looking for a postcode that begins ca10 finds address's that begin 10 such as 10 the street etc. Probable answer is back to google maps and end of free trial


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    Hi @FedUpWithTomTom

    When you go to Maps and Tap United Kingdom do you see all 3 U.K. maps listed?

    When you first load the App it only downloads the U.K. map for where it thinks you are and you need to download the other 2 maps.