TomTom GO6000 not installing map update nor any other maps

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I have tried removing my existing map but nothing happens upon trying to delete it, I have also tried changing the existing map so that I have two maps, the original plus the changed map thus hoping it would then permit me to finally delete the main map but no it's not having it! Nothing I try seems to work. I have also tried resetting my GO6000 device which did reset but still it wouldn't update the maps. I can successfully without any issues download everything else including voices, docking & speed cameras but I always have issues with the maps. I have also left my laptop on all night in hopes that it would spring to life, but I get sod all information, nothing is downloaded, I don't even get an error! Had I got an error then at least it may have pointed me in the right direction to resolve the issue, but no, that would be too easy, I get sod all information!
Any assistance would be much appreciated please as I am beginning to lose all hope



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    I reviewed the download logs in our backend systems. The download packages are getting blocked during installation process.

    This interrupts or freezes the update process, MyDrive Connect tries to restart the download automatically up to five times. After five retries, the whole operation is aborted. In most cases, this is related to an interrupted connection.

    1. Aggressive antivirus / firewalls.
    2. Poor Wi-Fi® connection.
    3. ISP (Internet Service Provider) or router issues. This also includes business networks.

    Details available under Case 3.1 here-