Need Help to Add used device to my account

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I recently purchased a TomTom Via 1430 second hand. This is my first Tom Tom so I was unaware that the device is registered with previous account. Unfortunately can't ask previous owner to delete or transfer the device to my account. I assume Tom Tom can deactivate his registration and add mine. I am struggling to find as how I can do it. So how do I contact Tom Tom and I tried a full reset as well as suggested in other post but same error.
Need any guidance/help to add this device to my account please?

I've done following already...

Download and install MyDrive Connect
Created account and logged into My Account
Disconnected my device and Reset my device
After reboot, connected my device and clicked Add Device to my account

But each time same error "We are sorry something has gone wrong. It is currently not possible to add your device to your account. Please try again."