Mitsubishi SDA: Changing Maps' country

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I have a Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV (2020) imported from Europe to Israel. The car's infotainment unit has built-in TomTom navigation system.

Since the car's original country was in Europe, I cannot install Israeli maps update (downloaded from [1]). The update for European maps works as expected.

How can I change TomTom's country/region to add maps that are relevant in my location?

ps. Already tried going to a local Mitsubishi service center, there is nothing they can, or willing to do, as the specific infotainment system is not being used in officially imported Mitsubishi cars here.



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    After installation is there a setting to switch map on device.
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    @fergussion The problem is that TomTom application just ignores maps from a different region, so I cannot install them :( I wonder if there is some hidden menu that allows changing the device region