New carminat card - no maps found

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I've just bought new Renault Tomtom carminat card with Europe map from Amazon, updated it using Tomtom home application on PC. When I insert the card in the car it loads but says "No map found". Suggested solution I found on support site says to delete map from the device and from the computer and download it again using Home application. I did a backup of device and then deleted map from device and computer. When I wanted to update the device - no updates found. This solution works only for maps purchased online. I bought the product from Amazon. How do I update/download map? What else can I try to make it work? Thanks!


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    if it's a card buy on Amazon it can't be available on your account or on whether it's compatible Carminat.
    what you should have done is buy the map on Tomtom or buy the map on Tomtom Home.