TomTom Go Premium 6 - Traffic not working

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I’ve just bought a TomTom Go Premium 6 (built-in SIM) to replace my old TomTom 1005. I'm in the UK.

I can’t get the Premium to show Traffic (there is a permanent “x” through the symbol under the main menu).

I’ve followed the various guides on what to do if there is no traffic (make sure unit is plugged in; make sure GPS signal is strong; make sure I’m in a GPRS signal area etc) and have also performed a number of factory resets.

GPRS signal on the Premium shows maximum signal blobs. GPRS Status on the About screen says “Connected”. Traffic shows as “Activated” on the About screen. However, when you click on the arrow next to “Traffic” on the About screen, it always says “TomTom services are unavailable. Please try later”. later never comes!

I have checked that I am logged in to Services OK, and the TomTom Cloud symbol is always active (there is no “x” through it), so it seems some form of connection is working through the built-in SIM.

When I am at home and connected to WiFi, I still don’t get any access to Traffic.

Have I missed something in trying to get this setup? Is it possible something on the TomTom servers or in my account needs to be reset?

Thank you.


  • DougLap
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    Hi @Vizellven

    Look back here tomorrow to see what @VikramK has to say after he has checked your units settings on the TT servers.

  • VikramK
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    Hi @Vizellven
    We did some changes in the backend, could you do a soft reset and check if the service works?

  • Vizellven
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    Will do - Thanks