Mapshare - Permanent road closure

rob.morabito Registered Users Posts: 16
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Is it possible to report a permanent road closure via mapshare ? I reported this ID: e4afe168-c55b-47bb-beeb-8e451fbc5fa7 regarding a road that will remain closed for months,therefore how i can avoid continuous new report submitting each time Tom Tom will open the road again?

Thank you in advance


  • VikramK
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    Hi @rob.morabito
    Mentioning the duration of the closure will help the team to implement the closure for a set duration.

  • JaySimpson
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    It takes 6-9 months to implement, by the time it’s implemented the road may have changed and it will take another 6-9 months to change again, its seems its just not worth the bother, used to be you could change it on your unit right away, just backward steps by tomtom, once they have your money seems they are not that bothered tbh