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Dear TomTom community. I have been totally surprised and totally disappointed about the end of life message after i have connected my device to the PC -TomTom Home app. There was info about end of support my device-crazy. I have chosen the TomTom brand because of reliability, functionality and professional usage but now i am confused. My device still looks like new, absolutely working device but already not supported? What is your reason to cancel support? The world is fighting to decrease a pollution... it is stupid to say that your device will work like before but it will not be the actual. It is little similar like to say that lets use paper printed map from year 1989, it will work but not useable... my goal isn't to have extra options, functionalities like new navigations provide. I only need to have a possibility to download the latest possible maps before you inform me that your device is unsupported... on the other side, i agree that it is hard to run win11 on the ENIAC, but please provide me any solution to download latest maps.
Maybe you can consider a propagation of your devices with tag LifeTime update and to stop to mislead a customers.
As i already mentioned, i am totally disappointed and i will consider to buy a new tom device again if you do not try to solve my experience, case. Thank you.


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    Hi @Gabikke
    Welcome to the community! I see your TomTom XL IQ Routes come with Central and Eastern Europe - Map Update Service.
    At the moment, we haven't stopped offering map updates for the devices that have been declared end of life yet.

    I think you should still be able to download the recent maps as long as you are using TomTom HOME on a supported operating system.