Let down by 6250 in London AGAIN!

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I was led along a route today in Balham, London. The route took me from Balham high street, through back streets along Rossiter Road to then turn left into Cavendish road. This route is NOT suitable for articulated trucks. I could not make the left turn into Cavendish, so was forced to turn right and could not make that turn either. I was stuck. After having to knock on endless doors to find owners of cars I was still there an hour later! (Please go and have a look on Google maps)

TomTom, you really are shit. Not only have you stuffed me seriously in London twice (last time being a 7.5t weight limit) you fail to update reports ( proven by trying to send me back the way I had driven into rossiter road) You don’t respond to multiple reports of roads that are open when you think they are closed. Also you don’t give users a way of reporting anything other than a direction change via the device.

Well I’m done with TomTom now. I have zero trust in you so I’ve just placed an order for a new Garmin.

You can poke it.
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