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I am missing a feature where you can ask the IOS and Apple Carplay application to "Zoom to max". Meaning that when I go on eg a freeway and the next navigation point is 100 km ahead I want to see the entire route on the screen. Not just the 3D view which usually is 3-5 km ahead.

If a traffic, roadblock, turn or any other navigationincident is happening within the next 2 km the map should zoom to the normal 3d feature. After the navigation is done and the next navigationpoint is more than 2km ahead the map should zoom out to cover the entire route again.

When being in the max zoom view the application should dynamic zoom to fit the remain of the route.

Has anyone in here heard about a feature like that being suggested or developed?


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    Hi and welcome @8erner to the Community! We don't have any feature that would do this automatically, I'll tag this as a feature request for my team.

    Thanks, lampard