Odd routing Go Discover 7"

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Since the last major update [all maps updated] we've been getting some very odd instructions and camera warnings.
Today, I was travelling from Goytre, Port Talbot to Ammanford; set the destination and as per usual I get 3 routes. The chosen route is join the M4 and follow through to the end before heading toward Ammanford.

So, when joining at J40 we get the sound for the speed camera as we are entering the Average Speed Check stretch. From here it should be a straight run of 20+ miles to the motorway terminus at J49 and this was the norm before the update. However, after 1 mile we get the camera sound again and when approaching J41 Baglan we get directed to leave the motorway and travel along the old A48. Ignoring that instruction we get the speed camera warning again before being directed off at J42, J43, J44, J45, J46 and again at J47 to join a convoluted mix of A and B roads home! We know these roads very well and at this time of day the roads are rather busy with commuting traffic. These directions were all ignored.

J48 did not ask us to leave.

This happened today but it also happened the end of last week after the big update. At that time, we thought there may be a serious hold up on the motorway and, as it was teatime traffic, considered it would clear ... as it happened the roads were very clear and we arrived home in record time

But it's getting that we cannot trust the unit ... is anyone else getting similar oddities?


  • VikramK
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    Hi @Elton
    Have you tried a factory reset just to check if this is not happening to do a some software glitch after the recent map update?

    If already done, then my advice would be to report this to our customer service team for further investigation.

  • Elton
    Elton AmmanfordRegistered Users Posts: 77
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    Thanks Vikram, I haven't done a factory reset but will do so now.
  • Elton
    Elton AmmanfordRegistered Users Posts: 77
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    The factory reset appears to have done the trick ... first time using that particular route and it's back to normal again :)

  • Elton
    Elton AmmanfordRegistered Users Posts: 77
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    Just updated the maps and the odd routing has returned.

    So I've just completed a factory reset [as i had previously done] and hope this works again ... but should we need to do this after every major map update?

  • Lost_Soul
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    I also have found an increasing need to do both "soft resets" (always after any map or other update) and more than I would like factory resets that resolve most gremlins for a short time. Unfortunately I have come to the conclusion that our devices have long-term bugs that Tomtom does not ascribe importance to getting them fully resolved which is extremely irritating.

    I have tried to plan / preview your route on my Go Discover and it works as you expect following the M4.

    (Although tonight I understand there are roadworks/ a Motorway closure between J41-42 and the Go Discover correctly diverted off the M4)

    If your device continues to misbehave, as suggested above contact the Customer Care Team as they may help or "discover" your device is faulty?
  • Elton
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    I've not tested the unit since the reset. I suspect it will behave until the next major release of the maps.

    When setting the route, I choose the M4 route, but it is while following the route that the unit takes over and wants me to leave at every junction! The planning stage of the route is fine. In fact, all three options given are fine but the unit decides on a route of its own without any road works at play.

    I doubt I'll get another chance to 'test' the unit before leaving for holidays; afterwards the unit will be out of warranty ... but we shall see how it developes from here.

    Thanks for the reply.