GPRS is disconnected on my tomtom go 5200.

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Traffic is activated. I can find my route but I get no directions as there is no GPS signal. Do i have to reset? what happens about the maps if I do?


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    Hi @AA92
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    Map are not affected when you do a factory reset. If you wish to create a back-up of the stored 'routes' and 'My places' then you can do that first using MyDrive, see user guide

    See the troubleshooting steps advised in the video below-

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    Is your device is showing a small satellite dish Icon (Top left of the Traffic Bar) ???
    If 'Yes' the device hasn't achieved a Satellite lock
    In my experience the 'Let's Go' button does not appear if the device is searching for a Satellite lock....
    If the device has locked onto the Satellites, then the Satellite dish Icon will disappear and the correct time should display on your device....
    A Drum-roll Soft Start can help.... Hold the ON/OFF Power button in until you hear a Drum-roll sound... Then release the button.... This will reinitialize the device's Operating System, like restarting your PC
    Fully charge the Battery (At least 2 Hours)
    (Preferably using something like a Smartphone Charger + Using the Tomtom USB lead)
    A low battery can cause GPS Satellite fix problems...
    First Plan a route on the device... Now place the device outside with a clear view to the sky
    (I used a 5200 mAh battery power-pack... while waiting for a Satellite lock)
    It can take anything up to 30 Minutes to get the first Satellite Lock
    After the Initial 'First Lock' the device should lock quickly onto the Satellites

    Stay Safe... ATB YFM
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    I still have "GPRS disconnected" and when I try to log into my account I get a message saying "We are having trouble accessing TomTom services, Please try again later."
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    Yes I currently have the satellite dish icon but I don't think it was there yesterday. The device was half working today. I has gps and it gave me correct verbal directions to get me where I was going but the route map did not change from my address. Unfortunately, when I was coming home gps had disappeared again. I will outside tomorrow.
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    Hello, I have a similar problem with the 6250, after recent updates, it often does not connect with data from lifetrafic. For several days, it has not shown how to connect to the phone via Wifi. Today I saw that I have GPRS transmission disabled. How should I change it to make it work properly?

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    My problems started after I updated. I seems that I couldn't get GPS because the device was still connecting to WiFi. Once I told it to forget WiFi everything worked. I don't remember having to "forget" WiFi after previous updates.