My Routes doesn't work plus other problem

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Whenever I try to access My Routes on my Go Basic, rather than load My Routes, it restarts. If I could copy everything saved on my device, I'd see if a reset would help but connecting it to my computer doesn't give me access to any files. My Drive Connect acknowledges that it's connected but the device simply behaves as though it's connected to a power supply rather than a computer. Is it time to scrap the device and accept all my routes are lost (My Places appear to have backed themselves up via WiFi)?


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    Hi @SpiderMurphy

    If you go to the Tomtom MyDrive Website, not to be confused with the MyDrive Connect software, and log into your account if all has been working correctly you should be able to see your My Routes and My Places listed/backed up there. Alternatively if you have the MyDrive App on your phone the same information should be viewable there. If you do then when you do a Factory Reset on the Go Basic and you set the unit up afterwards as you did originally when it Logs into MyDrive it syncs the data saved in your account back onto the unit.