How to switch off Go Premium X WIFI while driving

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I'd like to switch off the Wifi & Bluetooth of my Go Premium X while driving.

I don't plan to download any map from my car on the motorway. It's also an IT security measure.

I don't think traffic services use Wifi, correct: then Wifi is unuseful while driving?

So How to switch off Wifi ?
And How to switch off bluetooth?



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    By the way, one of my main selection criteria for a GPS was to be able to switch off wifi & bluetooth: it seems TomTom decided to remove this feature? Why? It's expected in any kind of premium product. What is the hack to switch Wifi off/on?
    Many thanks in advance for Tomtom's response...
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    May be useful... Controlling the various data connections on your GO Premium...

    Further to the above link...
    Re... BLUETOOTH Connection... You can turn of any of the 3 options in the Bluetooth menu...
    Check... Tap 4Dot (.... Menu) --> Setting --> Bluetooth...
    Or stop the Bluetooth/Tomtom sync on your Smartphone...

    Link to an old post on the subject... How to Turn Off Wi-Fi Transmission ???

    Stay Safe... ATB YFM
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    Hi @YamFazMan, thanks for the time you have spent replying to me and to the community of readers.

    Actually the Wifi and bluetooth chips emit energy even if the connections are not established, in case the network layer of a Tomtom would allow other devices to contact them. So you won't stop that energy by disabling connections. the control needs to be at another level: chip on/off.

    You can use 'ESI 24' type of detectors to verify the presence of this kind of energy field.

    I also replied to the old conversation with more details.

    Safe drive & Enjoy driving!