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my wife last night transferred the maps from her start 50 to a micro sd card in the sat nav, now when she turns on it says no maps found & to install maps already purchased onto device (and with prompt does not allow access to menu on the sat nav screen itself), anyone know how to basically get the tom tom back to put the maps that she transferred onto the device & just basically put everything back as previously set (obviously with the most updated info that our lifetime updates allow)

many thanks in advance


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    remove sd card, format on a computer and reinstall maps.
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    Hi @rob1978

    I assume that you will not be able to format the card in your TT unit as you have no maps. look back here later to see what @VikramK has to say. he may add a small map for you to sort out your unit then you can sort out the missing maps. He may suggest that you remove the SD card and if he does then when you have your unit working again do a full format on the card in your PC and then reformat it for maps I=on the device.

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    Hi @rob1978
    Welcome to the community! A different version of the Europe map has been activated for your TomTom. This map will be offered to you in smaller regions or countries.
    Try installing a small map first to the internal memory first and then look to format the SD card to install a bigger map.