Go basic 5, connecting a mobile phone..problems

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I have just purchased a new go basic 5 satnav and would like to have it set up so I can receive (and have read out) SMS/text messages, but am having one or two problems. Page 10 of the manual says 'to set up the connection to your phone, open the main menu=>tap settings=>tap bluetooth icon'. I have installed the TomTom MyDrive app on my phone. I follow the steps to get connected. At step 6, a QR code appears on the satnav screen, but when I click 'scan code', nothing happens! I have successfully paired my phone to the tomtom, but on the screen where the question 'which phone features do you want to use?', under smartphone messages, it says 'Unable to connect'. Why is this??


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    Hi @robstedav

    What phon make/Model are you using. If it is an Apple then the messaging option will not works Apple introduced a security change in there Operation software IOS 13 and later.

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    I am using a Samsung galaxy A3, 2016. The TomTom certainly recognises it as it lists it on the bluetooth screen, under the title of paired phones.