My device is not getting recognised from MyDrive Connect

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I having problem to connect Starter 62 with My Drive Connect. I have bought it new before one year and it worked very good until I wanted to update some maps. I have attached some pictures.

When I connect with MyDrive Connect it says Please leave your device connected. It stays so about 1 min and then I got another message We are sorry something has gone wrong. It is currently not possible to add your device to your account. Please try again.

I have MyDrive Connect deleted from pc and then reinstall but same problem.

Is there any solutions for this problem?


  • Willy875
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    You need to reinstall your device software by following this FAQ:émarre-pas-ou-une-croix-s-affiche
  • Egzon
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    @Willy875 Thank you for your answer! I did all the steps but My Drive Connect after 5-6 Min in step 7 it shows this message "communication failed with your device" and it doesn't show restoring progress as in says in step 7.
    I have reinstalled MyDrive Connect even I have installed it in other PC but same. Is there same thing else that I can try do? Is there any Tomtom service?