why does my tomtom go essential identify as a tomtom go camper?

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i recently bought my tomtom essential device (31st january 2022) firstly i noticed its identifing as a tomtom go camper and secondly why do i only get 3 months of speed camera updates? is this normal? i use my device daily for my work as i travel long distances around the country. i find tomtom very poor to contact someonme for help so hopefully someone can help me on here.


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    Because in my opinion Tomtom Go essential is the same product as Go Camper except Go camper has a map specific to motorhomes.

    Go Essential has a 6 month trial for radar services

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    Could you send me the serial number of your device through a private message by clicking on this link-https://discussions.tomtom.com/en/messages/add/VikramK, please ?

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