Being able to install the beta and final versions on his phone.

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Hello moderators,

Being a beta tester, I have the beta version on my phone with some trouble getting it to work, I understand.

But I wanted to know if it was possible for the developers to allow us to be able to install the beta version on their phone but also the final version because if the beta is unusable, we can still use the other version!
I remember that at the beginning when I went into beta, I had both versions on my phone and it was very practical.
Now when the beta version does not work as it does now, we have to find an old version on the net and this deletes all our settings because we are downgrading the version.

If there was a solution, it would be nice not to penalize the beta testers.
Have a good day.


  • lampard
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    Hello @Narmonono, I don't think it's possible by design to have the two versions of any app simultaneously on the same phone except if they have different names. (I've two play store accounts on my phone, sometimes I replace the beta with the production one by either Logging out from the account with access to the beta version and then installing the prod or installing it from a desktop.)

    Best, lampard