Another memory card not recognised by MDC

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TomTom 6000 S/No.QQxxxxxxx09(0)
Ver 21.200.0003.311
Map: Europe UK & Ireland Buildings v970.7464

Internal memory free: 589MB
15.87 GB on memory card

Problem:- The map cannot be updated MDC says "Updating device" - forever!

Tried installing a 16GB memory card (Sandisk class 10). The card is formatted and the device sees it but MDC does not.

The current map is dated 2016, so is way out of date. If it cannot be updated the device is next to useless. Many other have reported a similar issue. Can TomTom not solve this?

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    Can you try to format a new Sd with the computer inserted there in the GPS so that the GPS formats it again reinstall the card.
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    Tomtom FAQ... Using a memory card with a TomTom device

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    After reformatting the SD card until it must be nearly worn out and restarting the satnav until I am hearing drums in my sleep... MDC now sees the SD card and reports 15130MB free. Hurray!! I haven't done anything different apart from drinking lager instead of Guinness whilst waiting, and waiting, and waiting.

    But, before I put the flags out...MDC will still not use it. When I try to update or load a new map, the download goes o.k., then "Wait for the device", then "Updating the device", then - nothing. The device still shows connected to computer but never shows "Updating" and the rotating circle thingy. I have left it for hours, but that just uses lots of Guinness.

    If I try to load a new voice ( a small file) everything works perfectly. And I can remove that voice o.k.

    I am assuming that the problem is because there is insufficient memory to load the update, which is why I installed the SD card. There is no option offered to load to the memory card when updating (or trying to load a new map). So even though MDC now reports the SD card present, it will not use it, or offer me the option to use it..

    We have two TomTom 6000s. MIne has a 32GB SD card and when I load something new I am given a choice where to load it. Like many others I have a small map on the device memory in order to avoid the "No maps found" roadblock, and the larger maps on the SD card.
    My wife's TT does not have access to any other maps than Europe/UK, so I cannot load a small map. I am reluctant to try to delete the UK map in case I can't reload it and then I have an expensive paperweight.

    The TomToms are brilliant when they are working, but I have spent days trying to solve software problems. I don't feel able to recommend TT to anyone.

    TomTom support:- PLEASE help.