Disable/Remove expired speed cam warning

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How can I disable/remove the expired speed cam warning on my TomTom (VIA 62 Europe - 4ap64). In the help I can only find the hint to select the cams (in MyDrive Connect) and press 'uninstall', but due to the expired speed cams no cams are visible?
My goal is to remove all speed cam content from my Navi and my wish is to NEVER see the update warning again!
Thank you for your help in advance.
P.S.: In the German forum I found the hint to write to @Justyna - 'würde mich über deine Hilfe sehr freuen! :smile: '


  • Willy875
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    Normally, if your radar subscription has expired during the next map update, you should no longer have any radar installed or be notified by an alert on your GPS.
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    Hi Willy875, thank you for your fast reply. I made several map updates during the first expiring alert. Perhaps I have no speed cameras on my Navi (I can not check it if this is the case), but there is always an alert if the power supply changes and so on with 'you should update your speed cameras' - but I do NOT want to buy a subscription and I do not want to have this alert again. But it raise again and again and again in the mentioned situations :-1: .