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I have been trying to update my world map. Have selected all the updates and laptop screen has been updating, then says waiting for device. It now says device not connected ,talks about using original USB charger ( which it is) However my device still says Updating do not disconnect. Laptop says to disconnect and then re-connect which I did. Device said resuming update , it has now been doing that for an hour. Do I just leave it? Has it updated ? is there anywhere I can check if it has updated? Never had this issue before has always just updated very quickly


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    World Maps ??? Do you mean the full Europe Map ???
    Do you have a 16MB or 32MB Micro SDHC memory card installed ???
    Is the device a Start 60 or a GO 60 ??? What are the 1st 2 characters of the serial number/s ???
    (Only post the 1st 2 Characters) The first two letters define the Tomtom Model... i.e... "V8"

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