Larger map display for Discover devices?

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I am a happy TT user for more than 15 yrs and tried the new Discover device last year. Though I really like the improvements, it has a major step back in one aspect, that is important to me.
When not driving in a city, I always switch to the whole route display map.
But on the Discover model I tried last summer, the route display is significantly smaller than on my Go device of the same screen size, because of all the other information on the screen. Especially the next turn information on the top left eats up about one third of the screen estate, even if my next turn is far away.
On the 5'' model, the whole route from Munich to Hamburg is compressed to about 3cm.
My question: has this changed in the meantime or is it planned to get more screen estate for the route?


  • VikramK
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    Hi @argumon2
    No major changes have been implemented on the GO Discover in relation to the map display.

    I will share your feedback with our team.

  • argumon2
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    Many thanks, Vikram. Maybe this Image illustrates, what I mean?

    Another question would be, if the turn information takes less space on the HD devices.