Why certain computer voices are greyed out?

John RF
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I'm unable to select the "Joana" Portuguese computer voice as it appears greyed out (see screenshot below).
  1. If I touch it I can hear a sample recording
  2. I am able to use computer voices in other languages


  • lampard
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    Hi @John RF

    The computer voice availability depends upon the phone language. If you change the language on your phone to Portuguese (Portugal), the option to download a computer voice (Joana) will be available.

    Best, lampard
  • John RF
    John RF Registered Users Posts: 14
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    Thanks for the reply, @lampard .
    However, I find that a bit bizarre. Why is computer voice tied to system language?
    The HERE WeGo app for Android can be configured to use any voice language, regardless of the system UI language.
    Same for Google Maps. Same for Waze.
    In fact, I can't find any other navigation app where computer voice availability depends on the system language!
  • havvel
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    I fully agree with John RF.
    Before TomTom I used Sygic for navigation on my Android phone. Their TTS was independent of the system speech engine settings...
    Seems a design error to me...
    Or would TomTom seriously expect me to change all my other apps settings to Dutch, because they can't get their act together...?