Problem with up to date road closure information.

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I was recently working in Birmingham, (UK), which seems to be being significantly re-built in the city center with many diversions and road closures. With the address I had for the hotel I was heading for, my GO5200 would only say the destination was not possible and gave no alternative, and after being forced by the prevailing road layout to drive away from the general area I was trying to get to, I had to revert Google Maps on the phone which took me straight to the hotel without a problem.

On subsequent days of working generally away from the city center, I put my destinations into the TomTom and the phone, and again, the GO5200 would try to use certain roads which unfortunately were closed, but Google Maps would take me to my destination without trying to use the closed roads.

Apart from map updates, do the TomTom traffic updates include up to date information on diversions and closures? Also, I presume Google maps are constantly being updated with the latest information?


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    try reporting in mapshare
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    Does reporting a blocked road in mapshare give instant feedback to me to then continue on an alternative unimpeded route?