TomTom Launches GO Camper Max (Wi-Fi® NDS)

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Hello All,

Amsterdam, the Netherlands, 25 April 2022 TomTom, the location technology specialist, today announced the launch of the TomTom GO Camper Max, and it will be our first camper device based on NDS maps (same as GO Discover/GO Expert).


GO Camper Features:


The Main Menu is set by default as "Grid Layout" and there is a new feature called "Scenic Routes"


From My Vehicle/Vehicle Info/Vehicle type, customers can select the type of vehicle>


Thanks & Drive safe
Vikram :)


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    I wonder if this Go Camper Max will cure the crazy / illogical routing I see on my current Go Camper?

    I have reported on this in detail in relation to previous map updates which is still continuing, i.e. I am getting the same crazy / illogical results from the latest map updates as I did back in mid-2019 using the v10.30 maps which TomTom has been unable to correct despite having had 3 years of effort from a dedicated large scale team!

    This makes my Go Camper along with other faults almost unusable. :(

    I would be happy for TomTom to send me a Go Camper Max for me to act as a Beta Tester to see if this long outstanding fault on my Go Camper has been cured by the newer model…….. B)