TomTom watch not recognized by Computer

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It may be due to the following reasons:
  • Watch is not fully snapped into the dock. Is the watch firmly snapped into the cradle and the USB plug firmly in the port? Is the USB port free of any debris or blockages?
  • Problem with the dock e.g. bent pins or dirt
  • Do you have administrator rights to the computer?
  • Is a firewall or antivirus running that is blocking the software from connecting to TomTom (try turning them off before docking the watch)?
  • Does the computer have a good Internet connection (Internet is required to sync)?
  • Are you plugged directly into the machine and not a hub?
  • Does the port work, can the computer detect other devices (like flash drives) in that port?
  • Is the Connect software running (is there an icon for it in the notification area)? Did you install Sports Connect, not MyDrive Connect? It is downloaded from
  • Watch itself has a problem or the Faulty USB port of the computer (It's always better to check on a different machine to determine if it is an issue with the computer versus the watch). Can you try installing it on a different machine to determine if it is an issue with the computer versus the watch?

The main thing to check is that the dock connector (both ends) looks ok and undamaged. When you connect the watch does it show the charging screen? Assuming it does then try the following to see if the computer detects it:
  • Hold the down button on the watch with it not connected to the computer, Whilst still holding the down button connect the watch
  • The watch should not switch the charging screen, instead, the "TomTom hands" logo will continue to be shown on the watch.
  • Still holding the down button, after 15 seconds the watch will show the "reset" screen. (These steps are to put the watch into recovery mode)
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Make sure it is fully snapped into the charging cradle and the cradle is not damaged. If it does not have a full connection it will charge but it will not be recognized by the computer. Check that none of the pins on the dock are bent or pressed in, as that will prevent a connection. If they are, pry them out with a pin, it seems simple but this is generally the issue.

Also, have a look at this response from CarlEReid in the below spoiler:
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I have had my Spark 3 watch almost 2 years. Each time I have had the problem of watch not charging or not being recognized by my computer I perform the procedure below with consistent, positive results.
Problem Source
The brass charging contacts on back of watch oxidize, which creates a thin film that prevents clean contact with the charging cable pins. Definition of oxidize

Problem Resolution
  1. Easy resolution is to take a pencil eraser and rub vigorously across the watch charging contacts.
  2. Blow off the eraser filings from watch contacts. When you see contacts dark color change to expose the gold color of contacts, connect charging cable to your watch and plug other end into power outlet.
  3. The oxidation process may require performing this contact cleaning with an eraser about every 3 to 4 months.

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