TomTom iOS 3.1.3 vs Android 3.4.7

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I wonder how much additional functionality Android version has comparing to the latest iOS version.


  • Jürgen
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    The iOS app and the Android app build on complete different SDKs (software development kits) so we cannot really compare them. Also the menus are completely different. While for the iOS version we're still building support for electric vehicles, we're still building the route bar for Android Auto.
  • twiggs8107
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    The trafic option on the iOS version of TomTom Go does not announce trafiic congestion verbally as the Andorid versaio does. The Andrisd version also announce arival time and arrival and minutes dekay based upon trafiic.
    The iOS version display trafiic on the route bar.But does not announce it verbally.
    Will this feature bw available soon on the iOS version?