What has happened to my beloved tomtom truck satnav?

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Hi all i hope someone can help, i have recently purchased the 620 professional truck satnav and already i must say it is no where near as good as my old unit.
This new unit does not recognise certain width restrictions, height restrictions, weight restrictions or hill gradients that my previous tomtom truck nav did. Also there is no way to get ‘dead end’ warnings on this unit.
This new unit has sent me in to some precarious situations that are in my opinion dangerous to me and other road users, so much so that i am considering giving the unit up and buying a completely different brand unless i am doing something wrong and one of the community can show me how to rectify these errors. I have the W/L/H dimensions set exactly the same as they were on my old unit but for whatever reason this TOMTOM does not recognise certain width restrictions or low bridges, also when i have gone to map errors there are only corrections for turns and am not able to correct width of road or height restrictions.
I have been a tomtom truck user for over 10 years with no problems before this, i dont want to give up my tomtom but unless these issues can be resolved i see no other choice than to move to another truck nav manufacturer