Adjustable over speed limits?

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My built in satnav enables you to set over speed warnings, e.g. 30=33, 40=43, 60=99 etc. To be fair. in all other respects the nav software is dire.

Can TT set customisable over speed limits? I'm more than happy to be warned on lower limits, but (generally) in 60 limits I'm happy to be more flexible - and getting beeped at when overtaking someone and going over 60 is annoying. (I prefer "quick" overtakes lol)


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    Hi @marmite2
    Can TT set customizable speed limits?
    No, it's not possible to set alerts for a certain speed limit. The app warns you if you exceed the speed limit by more than 5 km/h or 3 mph. AmiGO has an option to set different thresholds above the speed limit to warning (Maybe give it a try for AmiGO in overlay mode [for speed limit] with the GO app).

    Best, lampard
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    That's why both apps based on different SDKs.
    So it would not be an easy Copy Paste Code job to fullfill this nice to have requirement.
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    lampard wrote: »
    The app warns you if you exceed the speed limit by more than 5 km/h or 3 mph.

    Hmm, my impression was it warns if you exceed just by one km/h. There seem to be different teams developing products and I have not seen much innovation added to TomTom Go... do you think it is worth making suggestions if it's maybe a dead horse? Thx...
    To me it seems like there may be very limited dev time plus devs aren't users of the product.
    Development is so slow and intransparent, almost like Apple/Google.