No Route available issue

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When I use my totmtom I type in an address or post code, the tomtom then finds the address and the 'ride' selection comes up, as it should. I click on 'ride' and the tomtom states 'No route available'.

Has anybody else had this issue or does anybody know how to resolve it?

If not, does anybody know a UK phone number to contact tomtom customer services to speak to an actual person?

Thank you.


  • Willy875
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    Often this problem occurs when a map area is missing, download the map area you are missing.
  • TigerRider
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    @GaryVika yep I get this occausionally and all my TomToms dating back.

    Its usually when I'm starting out from something like an unregistered car park or similar. My guess is the unit is smart enough to know where the nearest road is and how to get from there to your requested destination. The problem is it hasn't got any road detail between where you are and, in essence, just over there so that it can start.

    Best solution is to take a stab at which direction to go, get on to a proper road, stop and ask your TomTom for a route. Sometimes the thing will work it out for itself once you are on your way. Worst case you get to do a U-eee.