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Hello, I have bought back in august 2021 a second hand Clio with a built in Carminat live sistem I guess, because the car was manufactured in 2011. The Carminat Tomtom worked, meaning that I could go in the menu and see things, however, the car was brought from a different country so I tried removing the SD card to buy a map that was usable in my country. Being a noob, I did not follow the process and I remove the card, forgot to tell another person not to start the car and ever since the car was started without the card in the nav module, I get a no maps found error. Tried buying blank
SD cards, formating the original card (but when inserting the blank cards the satnav does not create any loopdir file, and no the cards are not locked), even bought a new original card with the Europe map on it, I still get the same error message, no maps found. I've also tried removing my battery. I do no think it is a hardware issue either because i've checked the sd card solt and it seems ok. If i try inserting the card in the module when it's on, i do see a message that tells me "do not remove your sd card" so it can read cards. I am unable to go in the menu because of the no maps error. Do you guys have any idea that could help me? Many thanks.


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    your original SD card where did you buy it? on the Tomtom site or at a Renault dealership.
    Buy the SD with the original Tomtom card your carminat should work.

    What is not normal is that when inserting a blank SD, the carminat does not copy a file to the SD.
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    The original card came with the car, I guess it was bought with it, yes it is strange I do not understand why it does not load the loopdir file on the sd card