Purchased Sat-Nav with Lifetime Maps - but do not get the latest map without purchasing again

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Dear Sir or Madam,

we have purchased a TomTom VIA 62 in the past and connected it to my account from the first day on. The Sat Nav was sold bundled with Lifetime support for Traffic and Maps. When connecting the unit to my computer for Update via Mydrive Connect it finds different updates. All of them are possible to install, except the Map. I cannot update it any more. My latest Version is "EUROPE 1005.8798". The Software does show that a newer one is available, but doesn't allow me to select it.

Please, could you please double check for a reason why lifetime support for the map was disabled? And if, please reactivate it again. You should see, that we are the original owner of this device since purchasing it new.

If evidence is needed I am happy to share photographs of Sat-Nav + Original packaging with "Lifetime Maps" text on it. Just let me know where to do so.

Anyways, many thanks,

p.s.: name shortened, in case this lands directly in the public support forums.


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    The Via 62 has the cards for life
    Come back later, the moderator @VikramK will review your account and assign you the service.
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    Hi @OsGa
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    Map updates have been activated for your VIA 62, please check for updates now.