Navigation UI and GPX files.

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If this app is aimed at motorcyclists I really hope the navigation UI does not look like either TomTom Go or AmiGo. Please when testing the app I hope your testers use the app whilst riding and without comms. Using navigation on a motorcycle often without audio requires a very clear UI that is easy to read in all lighting conditions and weather. Small fonts and washed out pretty colours just does not work. Also the ability to use the UI in both portrait and landscape orientations. Consider this at 60 mph you travel approximately 88 ft / sec. So please make it more readable for those of us who do not have comms.

Also if aimed at motorcyclists please or please allow GPX input. Some of us like to plan routes and we certainly do not need another point and shoot app. The market is full of those, Google and Waze are good examples.


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    Here is a very clear example of what I mean. Very easy to read even when the sun is behind you. Big clear fonts.


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    Personally I found the Go graphics the best for when i'm using it on my bike, so having options to change the colour/design it would suit us all.