How to get support in australia

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How do you get to talk to someone on the phone, i'm having problems with my tom tom trying to send me the wrong way this even includes trying to send me over a cliff coming down a mountain range (Gwydir Highway), tried to get me to turn right to get me to go back the way i had just come from. No road there, never has been just straight over the edge to the never return from it, very dangerous.

The support i'm getting is hopeless, i'm everything they say in an email but it doesn't fix the problem, i have threatened to go to the Dept of Fair Trading and that's where i'm going very shortly, just thought i would let people know of the rubbish support system TOM TOM have.


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    Since covid 19 there is no longer a telephone line.

    I don't know if it can help you try to factory reset the device.
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    Thank you

    I have done that many resets and software updates it's not funny, it's just not working. The tom tom in my wife's car is a Go 6000, it is working fine.

    I've asked for a replacement or talk to someone and it's not happening.
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    Welcome to the site....
    Is your device is showing a small satellite dish Icon (Top left of the Traffic Bar) ???
    If 'Yes' the device hasn't achieved a Satellite lock
    If the device has locked onto the Satellites, then the Satellite dish Icon will disappear and the correct time should display on your device....
    Also Check... Tap 4Dot (.... Menu) --> Setting --> Route planning... is 'Always take this type of route' set to 'Fastest'
    Is it possible to give details of your planned route (Without giving personal information)
    I have just planned a route for the entire length of the Gwydir Highway all seems, OK ???

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