Mapshare is complete joke... it is.

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For 9 months TomTom is claiming roadworks at the N240 (known as Markerwaardweg) near Medemblik in the Netherlands.
There were roadworks there in September last year that only took 1 week.

I have submitted 5 reports which got accepted (although the 4th was rejected for 'insufficient information').
As TomTom is unreachable outside office hours for chat support and nobody has taken the time to reply to my replies for information

Who can I reach out to in order to get these roadworks from the map?

Initial correction b4230d7b-6429-44a7-8435-395869b63f4c
Input: There are NO ROADWORKS here. You have spamming everyone for over 9 months about roadworks here that are done already. STOP ANNOYING US AND REMOVE THESE ROADWORKS. I drive here every day
Status: resolved (Removed for 2 days and the error returned)

2nd correction c2a8f31f-eec5-4a8f-8e71-8d08bbd49507
Input: Roadworks got added again. Remove these... again. I'll post a new removal tomorrow... again, because it doesn't stay away.
Status: Accepted (yet, the error remained)

3rd correction 01af5534-a082-4c9f-86e2-03a5a1a925bb
Inpunt: Guess what's back: non-existent roadworks.
Status: Accepted (again, the error remained)

4th correction fcd204cb-cb47-4641-a622-cf6f95651b15
Input: You are really hard learned aren't you? NO ROADWORKS
Status: Rejected (REALLY??)

5th correction 7ea94ada-873c-4a3d-a0f0-cd2d3f93d025
Input: Again... I drive here every day and there are NO ROADWORKS here. Stop reporting the roadworks here that happened 9 months ago for just 1 week.
Status: Accepted (again, the error remained),5.08778,15.16


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    Hi @CorpGuy
    Sorry for not dealing with the reports in the expected way.
    I had sent this one to my team today, the road works have now been cleared.,5.08374,15.58,0,-0+search={"input":"Markerwaardweg, 1671 Medemblik North Holland, NLD","coords":[52.76871,5.0849]}+ver=3

    These reports are often handled automatically by the systems, probably the process still need some improvisations.

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    @VikramK ,

    Thank you very much for your help in getting the correction through.
    It's been a few days by now and the traffic announcement remains silent. :)
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    I have had many experiences where Mapshare submissions either correcting the location of a POI or the removal of POI where business have permanently closed (sometimes a decade or more ago) are rejected by the Tomtom Mapshare team without any apparent logical reason being given. :s

    As @Vikramk says above

    “These reports are often handled automatically by the systems, probably the process still need some improvisations.”

    That may explain why back in March I submitted 14 or so Mapshare corrections and had 12 rejected due to “Source conflict”.

    Reminded me of the “Computer says No” TV sketches by Little Britain. B)

    Not sure what more I could have supplied as on each occasion I wrote a note for the reason why a Mapshare correction was required and attached evidence from either the Company website / Google Street View / Details from Companies House etc. etc.

    I also have seen long lasting “Phantom Tomtom restrictions”:

    If you look on MyDrive (web), on the M25 Clockwise between Jct 27 & 28 (Co-ords: 51.668360, 0.156214, Mapcode GBR RJ.G1S) there is a 6 Mile long “phantom” restriction:

    But dependent on which device or app you use, the same 'Phantom' restriction is reported differently . :/

    Flooding – Lane Closed (MyDrive / Go Camper)
    Rock Falls – Narrow Lanes (Go Expert / Discover / Android App)
    Multi Vehicle accident - Narrow Lanes (IOS App)





    There was an hour long flood in October 2021 and a lane was closed…but there has been no restrictions persisting for the last 6+ months.

    As yesterday per Highways England – Traffic Flowing Freely as expected and no Lane closures / No Restrictions.


    And happily; I reported this yesterday on Mapshare and it has been accepted today :) – so just waiting for map updates to occur.