No map available after latest update. Cant install map V10.85

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Hello all, I wonder if someone might be able to help. I have managed to update to the latest NAV4 version on my Go5000 using mydrive connect, however whatever i try, the map will not download to the 16gb SD card which has worked fine in the past. The map update gets to about 4% on the mydrive connect screen and then goes back to 0% then to 4% and back to 0% before saying installation failed. I cannot get into thye tomtom itself to format the card from there because there is not map available. I have tried a new 16gb & 32gb SD card, formattted in windoes the FAT32 but mydrive can see them as installed. I have clearded the downloaded files within mydrive and downloaded them again with no difference. So have suggested on here that a smaller map is available to store on the device iteself but i have nothing in may account or content. How do i go about getting this? Any help would be appreciated.

Many thanks