Forcing a U-turn on a road

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The figure above shows a route I imported in Mydrive.
The route starts at A proceeds to B and then should continue to C. Point C is a nice place to drink a coffee. After the coffee stop I want to return to point B and continue the route via point C.
However every effort to lead the route to point C, make a U-turn, and drive back to point B, using drag and drop of points on the road fail.
What I get using drag and drop always leads to a detour via the points D an E back to B. This result is shown in the figure below:

The way to tackle this problem and the result of it is shown in the figure below:

Use 'Add Stop' to place a stop at the point C where you want to make the coffee stop. In first instance this leads to the detour via D and E as shown above.
Now drag the route from point X (behind the stop) to a point on the road before the stop (Y in the figure above). Done!

Mydrive is persistent in allowing you to make a U-turn on a road in your route using drag and drop. But this is how you can force Mydrive to make the U-turn.

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