How to lead a route over a blocked road in Mydrive

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Not a question but the solution of a problem you might have encountered already.

How to lead a route over a blocked road.

See figure 1.

The route starts at the viapoint (little white circle) in the lower right corner and continues over road 266, makes a small detour over road 399 because there is a roadblock.
Thereafter the route should continue over L12 in an almost straight line to the viapoint in the upper left corner. However a second roadblock on the L12 forces Mydrive to make a large detour via 399 and L24.
Mydrive refuses to simply drag the route over the L12 and over both blocked road segments.
Nevertheless there are situations where you still want to lead the route over those roadblocks, for example when you plan a route for a date in the future.
How can you still manage to solve this problem?
Well, I managed to do so!
You have to drag the route at every roadblock twice. The first drag operation drags a point on the road from before the roadblock to a point just before halfway the roadblock and the second drag operation drags a point from behind the roadblock to a point just behind halfway the roadblock.
Figure 2 shows the result for the first roadblock.

The same procedure at the upper roadblock took some more trial but in the end the result looks like in figure 3.

Figure 4 shows the result of both operations.

Hope this is helpfull for those who encountered this problem.


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    You could argue that there is a much simpler way to force the route over a roadblock in Mydrive.
    Just 'add stop' in the middle of the roadblock as shown in the figure below.

    However in this way you add a hard point to your route.
    this is of lesser concern for TomTom users because the TomTom uses only the track and not any viapoint or stop in the route, but if you want to use the route you made in a different routingapp or on a Garmin for example you may not want to add hard point (that you are forced to visit). Preferably you limit the hard points to those places in the route where you really plan to make a stop; a cofeebreak or a lunch pause for example.