Feature request: Option to disable traffic bar zooming

Dave23572 Registered Users Posts: 23
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When you approach a a traffic jam or other such delay the traffic bar zooms in. I find this pointless as you can no longer see how much longer the delay is for and you know you're in the jam anyway. I always have to tap the traffic bar to stop it.
Can we disable this please or at least have a toggle in the settings where we can disable it.

The zooming is worth having for speed cameras though, so I would still want that to work.


  • lampard
    lampard Administrators Posts: 5,954
    Hi @Dave23572

    A warning is given as you approach a traffic jam. Do you mean the route bar which zooms in to the start of the traffic jam? Like below:

    Best, lampard
  • Dave23572
    Dave23572 Registered Users Posts: 23
    Outstanding Wayfarer
    Yes that's it. Personally I find it a bit pointless and annoying and always tap it away back to the normal route bar.
    Perhaps many like the feature so it would be good if there was a toggle in Settings where you could opt for it or not. I'm not suggesting it to be removed from the app.
    I would still want the warnings/zooming for speed cameras though as that is useful.