Tomtom service traffic no longer works, does not transmit real-time information GO 5000

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Suddenly my Tomtom GO 5000 no longer provides real-time traffic information (symbol red cross through cars). I tried everything and went through all the steps, including reset. I think there was a lifetime service for real time traffic, I seem to remember. What could be wrong?

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  • DougLap
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    Hi @Silvie

    Look back here later to see what @VikramK has to say after he has reviewed your units settings on the TT servers.

  • VikramK
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    Hi @Silvie
    Welcome to the community! The services/subscriptions for your GO 5000 look okay.
    Since you already did a factory reset, I would suggest reporting this to our customer service team.

    Also, if you could attach a picture of the device screen which shows the SIM ID and GPRS status-

    Go to Settings > System > About > and look for SIM ID and GPRS status

    Adding information of recent locations (city and country) where the device failed to connect would them investigate the issue better.